Christina Holt

  • Entrepreneur in Residence, bwtech@UMBC
  • Specialty: Digital Strategy
  • Founder & President, ExecuSense, LLC (business strategy consulting)

Christina Holt is a seasoned Digital Strategist with a distinguished career spanning over 25 years as an executive-level growth advisor. Specializing in digital product strategy, Christina excels in guiding companies whose success hinges on achieving broad, diverse, and expanding adoption of their technology.

In addition to commercialization and Go-to-Market planning, Christina is renowned for developing adoption plans that anticipate industry resistance to disruption of the status quo. She helps businesses attain self-sustaining, profitable growth targets by looking beyond customer acquisition and delving deeper into understanding the true barriers to growth. Christina achieves this by “operationalizing around the product” and minimizing friction around measuring and managing performance. She helps build product teams that rely on data-driven (but people-designed) insights to lead the way forward.

As the founder of ExecuSense, Christina works with both early-stage and established companies across the country in diverse sectors, including healthcare, travel, transportation, logistics, and pharma. Before this, she served as the VP of Digital Strategy at Carey International, where she orchestrated the successful digital transformation of the century-old, half-billion-dollar global enterprise.

Christina’s specialties encompass digital transformation, business transformation, and operational efficiency, with a focus on technology and business process automation. Her expertise in digital product strategy revolves around driving digital product adoption within B2B enterprise ecosystems, including Go-to-Market strategies, commercialization, and sustainable growth initiatives.

With a proven track record of navigating complex digital landscapes and propelling businesses toward success, Christina Holt emerges as a trusted advisor and leader in driving transformative change and innovation.

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