Since the program began in 2012, UMBC faculty, collaborating researchers and companies have received over $5.6 Million to support 33 faculty research programs. bwtech is pleased to support efforts by UMBC’s faculty researchers to obtain seed grants from the Maryland Innovation Initiative (“MII”). MII is a State-funded program to help commercialize Intellectual Property from participating Maryland universities.

We are pleased to welcome 3 of the newest MII-funded companies as they join the bwtech community:

Softhread LLC, founded by Yelena Yesha, CEO, and Haibin Zhang, PI, of UMBC’s Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department. Softhread is developing “A Scalable and Intrusion -Tolerant Permissioned Blockchain System”.

NuMoon Technologies, LLC, founded by Bradley Arnold, PI of UMBC’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Gianna Arnold, CEO. NuMoon is funded to develop a “Laser Based Spectrographic System for Proximal Detection of Trace Materials”.

Astek Diagnostics LLC, founded by Mustafa Al-Adhami, a recent PhD graduate of UMBC’s Mechanical Engineering Department, after a collaboration with the Center for Advanced Sensor Technology. The current MII project is entitled “ASTEK – an Analyzer for Rapid Bacterial Infection Confirmation and Antibiotic Susceptibility”. Astek is collaborating on this project with bwtech’s Potomac Photonics.

Other bwtech@UMBC clients that have received MII Funding:

FZata, Inc. ( and GlycoMantra, Inc. (, both developing technologies licensed from UMB, and Tanzen Medical, Inc. (, a collaboration between UMBC and Johns Hopkins researchers. Another MII company, Gardner Industries LLC, founded by Jeffrey Gardner of UMBC’s Biological Sciences Department, is working closely with bwtech’s Athena Environmental Sciences.