MindStand Technologies gets immediate market reach by acquiring the leading HR podcast, “Employee First, Brand Second”.

Mindstand continues its innovative approach to addressing the financial costs of employee turnover, burnout, and toxic work cultures due to poor cultural strategies. MindStand Technologies acquired the “Employee First, Brand Second, Collective” Podcast. This acquisition instantly gives MindStand a global reach of 20,000+ Business Leaders, Chief People Officers, and Directors of D&I. MindStand Michael Ogunsanya explained: “The cultural issues companies face require bold solutions. Acquiring Employee First, Brand Second podcast creates instant access to over 7 hours of content that can expand our global reach and value. We’ve always looked at the problem differently. Our AI-driven platform proves that. But we also needed an audience to address this issue faster and more effectively. This acquisition is not the only plan on MindStand’s roadmap. Michael mentions, “E1B2 will be rolled into a series of our new initiatives to ensure that MindStand remains the gold standard in measuring company culture.”

AJ Vaughan, the founder of “Employee First, Brand Second” podcast, added, “The company culture issue continues to be real, massive, and unsolved. The MindStand team takes a unique and innovative approach to solving this. We always knew that tech was part of the solution. 

“But it also needs an audience to help evangelize and share best practices. The podcast brings that audience, making this an incredibly natural strategic fit.”Vaughan added, “This is only the beginning for high-growth startups taking on a new perspective around content, audience, and partnerships. The MindStand deal makes history in this space and will be copied by many others.” Listen to more of their thoughts on the newest episode covering the acquisition.

This acquisition is one of many steps MindStand has taken toward achieving its vision of “Becoming the gold standard of measuring company culture.” Their 2022 sprint started with joining the Maryland Tech council’s TI2 Initiative, launching their new talent