What is the Maryland New Venture Fellowship for Cybersecurity?

The Maryland New Venture Fellowship for Cybersecurity supports the advancement of cybersecurity businesses in Maryland. Teams of graduate student Fellows, entrepreneurial Mentors, and Technologists from Maryland universities will translate technologies developed to secure our information systems, utilities, infrastructure and supply chains into viable companies.

Who leads the program?

Principal Investigator: Aaron Miscenich , Executive Director bwtech@UMBC

In 2021, bwtech@UMBC, the Research Park of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and the University System of Maryland were awarded an EDA Venture Challenge grant . The program’s official name is the Maryland New Venture Fellowship for Cybersecurity. The purpose is to create new companies in a diverse cohort that will secure the nation’s interests and create economic opportunities in the region. The program grant administration and coordination is run by bwtech@UMBC, with support from USM and a number of experts across business domains.

Program coordinators: Marjie Cota, Brenda Jackson, Will Anderson

Who supports the program?

The program is supported by grant funding from the US Economic Development Administration, Build to Scale Venture Challenge, a 3-year competitive award for 2021, 2022 and 2023 programming.

How does the Fellowship work?

Teams are created with 1 Technologist, 1 Mentor and 1 Fellow.

Through a rigorous vetting process, graduate students are selected to act as the business lead, under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurial Mentors.

Over 6 months, the teams will participate in a program that will carve a path forward towards commercialization and will ultimately help them start their company. The goal is to develop an early-stage team that can translate the technology into a viable, successful enterprise.

What are the roles of each participant?
Each participant has committed to fulfilling their specific roles and responsibilities in the program.

How are teams formed?
A virtual Match Making event will pair up cyber fellows candidates with technologists and mentors. This event will include VIPs from both the academic and cyber communities.

Teams will meet regularly and participate in curated programming designed to drive commercialization and rapid progress.

Are their stipends?
Fellows will receive a stipend for up to $10,000 and Mentors will receive up to $8,000.

The Fellowship will kick off with a host meeting to answer any questions and to provide additional information.

When is the next cohort forming?
Cohort 3 will take applications in the Fall 2022, for January 2023 start.

Who can I contact for more info?
Please see the Contact page, or the bottom reach out on the bottom of this page.

This $1.3M program, created in partnership with bwtech, UMBC, the University System of Maryland, and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, funds cybersecurity entrepreneurs working in collaboration toward cyber solutions and technologies that impact the public. Entrepreneurs in the program also benefit from graduate student assistance, Entrepreneur in Residence mentorship, and the research of faculty members from Maryland universities.

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The program for Maryland New Venture Fellows for Cybersecurity is made possible through the support of our sponsors and the strength of the bwtech@UMBC community.

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