The management of Audittrail Group has been expanded with the appointment of Joyce de Jong. The expansion of the Board of Directors is a result of the ambition of the audit and consultancy agency, which currently operates nationally and internationally with about 20 employees.

Joyce de Jong (37) has been working at Audittrail Group as a senior privacy lawyer and Director of GDPR consultancy since 2017. She previously held various positions, all in the (international) legal field. Joyce will fulfill the role of Director Consultancy as a partner within the board. This expansion provides more stability in the operational management and growth ambitions of Audittrail, which is also active in the USA.

Founder and CEO Jorrit van de Walle is very enthusiastic about the expansion of the board. “With the arrival of Joyce, Audittrail Group will have a more stable board, where the legal field is also emphatically represented. In addition, we can better distribute the tasks and areas of attention, giving Audittrail more impact.”

“[I’m] looking forward to making a positive contribution to the stability and growth of the best company I’ve ever worked with.”

Joyce de Jong

Audittrail Group is a nationally and internationally operating audit and consultancy firm focused on compliance management. With enthusiastic auditors, lawyers and experts, Audittrail provides services and products in the fields of information security, privacy, legal, risk management and business control. Audittrail also provides privacy and security software tooling. Joyce de Jong will fulfill the role of director of consultancy. Jorrit van de Walle will continue to fulfill the role of CEO.