Chris White is the founder of Optics Health LLC and has over 20 years of experience in building healthcare and technology businesses.

His career started in research at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore as a Neuroimaging research assistant. For three years he worked as the research coordinator of the Stanford University SPNL (Stanford Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab) where he was on a team that published over 40 research studies using fMRI to identify brain activity of children with genetic disorders.

During his time there he became fascinated with the intersection of technology and medicine through working with software for analyzing 3-dimensional brain data across a time series. This along with his exposure to the Silicon Valley start-up culture and graduate classes at Stanford would set the path for his future career.

Upon returning to his hometown of Baltimore, he joined a very creative software development startup, Vision Multimedia Technologies, where he became partner and ran operations across 50+ projects.

In 2004 he joined FEi Systems, a healthcare software company in Columbia Maryland. His team was responsible for 25% year-over-year revenue growth for 15 consecutive years. His efforts throughout that period resulted in 50+ federal, state, and commercial contracts totaling over $180M in realized revenue. This included expanding existing business, creating new business units, and developing a sales team by mentoring operations staff that showed initiative and mastery of the content.

Below are some of his achievements during his 16 years at FEi:

  • Significantly contributed to growth from $6M to $90M annual revenue
  • Established Medicaid software business unit that grew to 10 states and commercial clients, $200M in revenue and backlog
  • Lead multiple successful Research & Development healthcare software products
  • Developed multiple partnerships with public and private organizations

In 2019, he founded Optics Health LLC to help his clients commercialize health technology products and is currently a Site Miner for UMBC. Optics Health focuses on developing products that solve real-world problems using unique solutions in growing markets. This includes taking an executive role to focus software development teams on prioritized roadmaps, identify buyers and strategic partners, raise funds through grants and capital markets, and establish sales teams.

Optics Health supports these areas of content expertise:

Health IT
Strategy and Growth
Software Architecture
Application Development
Human-centered design
Blockchain Cyber Security
Information Architecture
Analytics and Visualization
Product Development
Clinical Decision Support
Medical Devices (Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
Research and Development