From UMBC Student Idea to Award-Winning Platform, Xeddy is Driving Engagement with Off-campus Restaurants in College Towns

Xeddy is a cutting-edge restaurant engagement platform aiming to transform customer loyalty by consolidating multiple loyalty programs into one seamless app. The Xeddy app allows customers to earn and trade loyalty points across different restaurants, fostering greater engagement and retention while providing merchants with valuable insights into customer behaviors for more effective marketing strategies. 

Xeddy was founded by Basil Udo, a UMBC graduate, who identified a need to connect students on a budget with local eateries offering discounts and rewards. Recognizing this gap while studying biochemistry, Udo developed Xeddy using data analytics tools to enhance dining experiences for students and enable local eateries to compete with large national corporate brands through point systems, order-ahead options, and personalized recommendations and promotions. 

Upon graduating in 2022, Udo moved Xeddy to bwtech, gaining mentorship and space to grow his company. Working with advisors Will Anderson, Chris Ewing, and Hillel Glazer, Xeddy has seen significant advancements in business development, marketing, and sales. In 2023, Udo further honed his business skills through bwtech’s Maryland New Venture Fellowship program and participated in the Maryland Smith Blockchain Accelerator Spring Cohort, showcasing Xeddy’s innovative approach.

With the MBIA Commercialization Impact Grant award, Udo plans to accelerate Xeddy’s product development, enhance communication of its value proposition, and design effective customer journeys to facilitate product adoption. Xeddy is poised to transform how college-town restaurants utilize customer loyalty to drive greater engagement and retention through innovative technology.

Congratulations to Xeddy and Basil Udo for this impressive achievement!