Uplift Geosystems is elevating the natural power of rocks to responsibly remove carbon and produce metals. They use scalable mineral processing technology to provide durable carbon storage services and sustainable metal products to those seeking a global climate where everybody can thrive.

Many critical tools require steel, concrete, and other products that are carbon-intensive to produce conventionally. To avert the worst impacts of climate change, the CO2 emissions profiles of these materials need to radically change.  

Uplift is solving these problems by extracting magnesium and other metals from abundant rocks and storing CO2 in the form of magnesium carbonate or bicarbonate. Their solution stands out in its novel adaptation of techniques employed in metallurgical and water treatment fields, which indicates potential for rapid scaleup.

Founder and CEO, Daniel Nothaft, is passionate about building practical solutions to environmental problems. Nothaft states, “These problems are not just about science and engineering: they’re inextricably linked to justice, health, and every other aspect of human existence. I’m energized to be alive at a time when societies across the world are earnestly reckoning with these issues and are committing significant resources to remedy them.” We are excited to support Mr. Nothaft as he develops and deploys these revolutionary processes!

To learn more, visit upliftgeosystems.com