This week, the Thrive Engineering Team of UMBC graduate students, presented their project “Enhancing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at bwtech” to bwtech’s executive team. The project, completed as part of the students’ studies with Professor Sam Negahban, Ph.D., aimed to identify opportunities and challenges for amplifying the entrepreneurial and commercialization potential.

Recognizing the vibrant talent and research capabilities at UMBC, this strategic initiative was designed to harness untapped potential and foster a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Thrive team worked closely with bwtech and conducted extensive interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders, including bwtech member companies and UMBC faculty, students, and administration. Their multi-dimensional approach provided a holistic understanding of the existing ecosystem, its challenges and opportunities, and the expectations of its various participants.

The team’s impressive research and analysis revealed valuable insights on ways to build upon bwtech’s collaborative opportunities with UMBC faculty and students – as well as entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners within the ecosystem – and develop a more resource-rich environment for supporting the growth and success of new tech business ventures in Maryland.  

Everyone at bwtech has been highly impressed with the Thrive team’s hard work and professionalism throughout the project and very much appreciate their meaningful findings and feedback. Congratulations Thrive Engineers and THANK YOU!

This project laid a solid foundation for the next team of students who will continue the work under the guidance of Dr. Sam next semester. Stay tuned for updates!