Hillel Glazer

  • Entrepreneur in Residence, bwtech@UMBC
  • Specialty: Operations
  • TEDCO UMBC MII Site Miner
  • UMBC Adjunct Faculty, Professional Engineering Programs
  • Founder, Entinex

Hillel Glazer uses planes to save puppies. Flying is the fastest way to get puppies out of a bad situation and closer to a forever home. He also does the same thing for growing companies facing resource problems, capacity problems, external forces, and time conspiring against them, and they don’t have a lot of options. Hillel helps them solve delivery issues and operational challenges and generally helps them keep up with demand to get stuff out the door and get paid. Simply put, Hillel gets operations out of trouble by implementing both a quick fix and a long-term solution.

With a degree in aerospace and a master’s in technology management, Hillel boasts a diverse background spanning various industries and continents. From his tenure at NASA and the Department of Defense to his involvement with both established integrators and startups, Hillel’s expertise and experience are truly global.

Having been in, started, or joined several early-stage companies, Hillel now pays it forward by serving in multiple capacities aimed at nurturing and empowering budding entrepreneurs and innovative startups. In addition to his role as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the bwtech, Hillel also serves as a TEDCO MII Site Miner, Adjunct Faculty in Grad School at UMBC, and mentor for the Maryland Tech Council, TEDCO, and NSF I-Corps.

In essence, whether it’s rescuing puppies or rescuing companies, Hillel Glazer embodies the spirit of a true hero, leveraging his expertise and passion to bring about positive change and help those in need, one flight or one strategic solution at a time.

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