GlycoT Therapeutics develops revolutionary therapeutic technologies for the treatment of human diseases.

Established in 2015, GlycoT Therapeutics aims to apply its innovative and proprietary chemoenzymatic glycosylation technology for glycoengineering of therapeutic proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, to improve their therapeutic efficacy. It also applies its technology for producing enzymes, oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, and other glycoprotein products to be used as valuable research tools for disease diagnosis and glycobiology research field.

Moving the puzzle pieces of sugar and protein

GlycoT Therapeutics’ solutions are based on technologies developed by the company’s Founder and President, Dr. Lai-Xi Wang, in his lab – first at University of Maryland, Baltimore, and later at University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Wang invented an efficient method for using enzymes to chemically produce antibodies with well-defined, homogeneous glycoforms sugar groups with improved functionalities. This groundbreaking research paved the way for investigating the impact of sugar group structures on antibody function at the molecular level. Today, researchers around the world are using his methodology.

GlycoT Therapeutics offers a number of products and services for the medical tech research community and continues their own research to find innovative solutions, including the development of an improved anti-inflammatory drug and site-specific antibody-drug conjugates for cancer therapy, to improve medical treatments for patients and save lives.

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