No Cost Accelerated Credentials Program

The Accelerated Stackable Credentials Series is available courtesy of an EARN Grant administered by the Maryland Department of Labor.  The grant serves to provide training for those employees already in the IT/cybersecurity field. It is hoped that those employees will be able to obtain promotions or pay raises after completing the training and obtaining the industry certification. The Grant covers all costs for the training including tuition, fees, books, lab fees and the CompTIA certification exam cost.

The Accelerated Credentials Program allows students to complete the below listed classes in a four-week block of study. While the classes are accelerated the student still receives the college credits the same as if they completed the normal semester long class. Classes are typically held online in remote instructor led format two evenings a week with the remainder of the work expected to be completed by the student in the allowed timeframe designated by the instructor. The classes also prepare the student to take the associated industry certification.

The classes available are:

ClassCourse NameDescription
DCOM 215 Ethical Hacking and System Defense – PenTest+Covers planning, scoping and methodology using hands-on tools to perform passive and active reconnaissance. Students use various tools to exploit network-based and host-based system vulnerabilities for given scenarios after conducting a vulnerability analysis. Students complete post-exploit tasks then analyze and report penetration test results for given scenarios. Students develop mitigation strategies for vulnerabilities that are discovered based on best practices. This course prepares students for the CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam. 
DCOM 224  Advanced Linux Administration – Linux+Provides advanced knowledge of the Linux operating system, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Students install the Linux operating system and configure the hardware, software and manage storage in a Linux environment. Students develop skills needed to automate and schedule jobs, apply security best practices, and configure firewalls and logging services. Students analyze, troubleshoot, and diagnose system properties and optimize system performance. This course is the culminating course for the CompTIA Linux+ certification.
DCOM 251Local Area Networks – Network+Exposes students to this important network component through lecture and laboratory experiences; covers planning, installation, maintenance, and management of Local Area Networks (LANs). Taught in a combination of lecture and hands-on format. Course offered fall, spring, and may be offered during additional sessions. This course is also intended to serve the needs of those seeking to pass the Computing Technology Industry Association’s (Comp TIA) Network+ certification.
DCOM 258Introduction to Information Security – Security+Serves the needs of students interested in understanding the field of information Security and how it relates to other areas of information technology (IT). The material covered in this class provides the broad-based knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students for further study in specialized security fields, or may be used by those interested in a general introduction in the field. This course is also intended to serve the needs of those seeking to pass the Computing Technology Industry Association’s (Comp TIA) Security+ certification.

Schedule Accelerated Classes

Course Number (CRN)Class/Certification PrepDatesRemote session daysRemote session times
23701DCOM 258 – Security+2/20/24 – 3/14/24Tuesday & Thursday5:45 PM – 9:30 PM
23702DCOM 215 – PenTest+4/9/24 – 5/2/24Tuesday & Thursday5:45 PM – 9:30 PM
PendingDCOM 251 – Network+6/4/24 – 6/27/24Tuesday & Thursday5:45 PM – 9:30 PM
  • You must live in Baltimore County, OR
  •  Your firm must have an office in Baltimore County that you work at.  Employees who telecommute and live outside of Baltimore County must report to the Baltimore County office.
  • If the employee lives outside Baltimore County, the employer must provide a letter confirming its Baltimore County location and that the employee works at a minimum 20 hours each week.
  • Participant must currently be employed in the IT/Cybersecurity field.
  • Participants are allowed to take one of the provided classes.
  • Student interns are not eligible for the program.

Since these classes are accelerated and funded by the grant, it is recommended that all participants be prepared to attend the online sessions and complete the class. If you believe your schedule will not allow you to attend all sessions, please allow other participants to attend as the funding is very limited.

Registration under the EARN grant can be coordinated through Ron Hinkel, EARN Grant Program Manager, [email protected]