On October 5, bwtech Director of Entrepreneurial Services Marjorie Cota joined Ahrum Choi, Social Impact Director with Dot, Inc., and Quyhn Budzynski with the Blind Industrial Services of Maryland (BISM), to tour The Kiosk Group in Frederick MD. This meeting was critical to further discussions on having the Dot Kiosk manufactured in Maryland with BISM employees doing the assembly.

Dot, Inc., a bwtech Global Gateway client headquartered in Seoul, Korea, aims to create assistive-friendly environments for all disabled people with their technology.

Dot joined the Global Gateway program at bwtech to explore devleopment opportunities in Maryland and the US. The company is working toward launching their barrier-free Kiosk with universal design to provide equal accessibility for both disabled and non-disabled people. Dot Kiosk won the Korea Universal Design Prize 2022 in the ‘Product Category’, for providing accessibility for the visually, tactile and physically handicapped.

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