StormCenter Communications CEO David Jones is the 2024 recipient of the prestigious IOOS Association Caraid Award!

The IOOS Association (U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System Program) announces Dave Jones of StormCenter Communications, Inc. as the 2024 recipient of the Caraid Award. The IOOS Association created the Caraid Award to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to observing and understanding our oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes through vision, leadership, and friendship.

At StormCenter Communications, Dave leads a team of innovators that have enabled real-time cross-platform geospatial data sharing and collaboration for enhanced decision-making and situational awareness.


StormCenter Communications, Inc. has extensive experience in the GIS and geospatial, Earth and environmental observation, broadcast, and emergency management industries combined with long and trusted relationships and partnerships in industry, academia, and government. This unique environment has led to the development of tools that accelerate the transition of data products from research into operations and communications.

Through NASA and NOAA Small Business Innovation Research – SBIR contracts, the company completed R&D on its digital map and SaaS (Web GIS) technology: GeoCollaborate®. The GeoCollaborate® SaaS application provides real-time map trusted data visualization, data sharing, and collaboration across disparate systems and platforms. It creates a unique collaborative common operating picture that provides superior situational awareness to guide quicker, more relevant decision-making.