David Fink

  • Entrepreneur in Residence, bwtech@UMBC
  • Specialty: Bio Life Sciences
  • TEDCO UMBC MII Site Miner

A distinguished, visionary leader at the intersection of research, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.

Dr. David Fink has cultivated a laudable career fostering biotechnology innovation and nurturing new business ventures with many accomplishments, including seven startup biotech businesses, mentoring hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, authoring 41 scientific papers and book chapters, and securing 25 US patent awards.

In 2002, David joined bwtech as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), helping member companies navigate the many challenges and opportunities inherent in their entrepreneurial journey. He collaborates with bwtech startup founders on a wide range of issues – from IP security and customer discovery to strategic planning and enhancing operational efficiencies – to help them minimize risk and give their “big ideas” a chance to achieve financial success and benefit society.

Complementing his EIR responsibilities at bwtech, David also serves as a UMBC Site Miner for the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII), a TEDCO-managed program that started in 2012 to support the translation of university research into marketable products or services.  In this role, David actively engages with faculty researchers to identify innovations with market potential and transform them into commercially viable products and services.

Of all the many positions he has held – researcher, research manager, consultant, entrepreneur, and officer of biotech companies – David enjoys his role of mentor most.  David states, “I have the best job here. Every day, I collaborate with really smart, dedicated, and ambitious people on work that has the potential to significantly benefit society at large. In the last 11 years, the MII program has provided over $8 million for tech innovation and commercialization at UMBC and its collaborators. I’m really proud to have played a role in that achievement.”

David began his career at Battelle, a contract research organization in Columbus, Ohio.  When he left Battelle, he licensed a technology for ligament repair from Battelle to launch his first venture, CollaTek Inc.  He later joined Osiris Therapeutics, one of the first stem cell therapy companies.  He moved with the company to Baltimore in 1997 to be closer to the abundance of talent and resources in medical technology in the area. David earned his BSChE at the University of Cincinnati, a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and was a Biochemistry Postdoctoral Research Associate at Purdue University.

David’s contributions continue to inspire and shape the future of entrepreneurship at bwtech and UMBC, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of innovation in Maryland.

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