On June 3, bwtech welcomed Dr. Takakazu (Taka) Yamagishi with the Department of Global Liberal Studies at Nanzan University in Japan, a long-time student exchange partner with UMBC.

Dr. Yamagishi visited to explore opportunities for expanding the relationship between the two universities and learn more about bwtech’s programs and services. The group discussed the many ways bwtech and UMBC support innovation and startup entrepreneurs seeking to grow and thrive in Maryland. We look forward to continuing this exciting conversation!

He met with Adam Holden, Director of Global Partnerships at UMBC’s Center for Global Engagement, Aaron Miscenich, Executive Director at bwtech@UMBC, Marjie Cota, Director of Entrepreneurial Services at bwtech, and David Fink, Entrepreneur in Residence at bwtech and UMBC MII Site Miner.