“A tech process that enables large-scale data privacy compliance earned Catonsville, Maryland-based Ardent Privacy its latest patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The data security company earned the patent, the issuance of which Ardent Privacy announced today, for tech that a statement said allows clients to conduct “data minimization without reading data content. For those who aren’t data experts, this means that the data compliance tool allows companies to track, find and delete your data more easily without infringing upon data protection laws.

This tech, like much of what Ardent Privacy has developed from its HQ at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s bwtech@UMBC research park, helps companies of all sizes better comply with the government’s data privacy regulations. Compliance processes can otherwise cost these companies quite a lot of money: a 2021 report from the International Association of Privacy Professionals stated that companies spend an average of $873,000 per year to comply with such data privacy protocols as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation laws.

This kind of imbalance does not make sense to Sameer Ahirrao, Ardent Privacy’s founder and CEO who developed this newly patented tech.” – Technical.ly Baltimore

“You can’t have a cost of compliance that’s higher than the tech itself,” Ahirrao told Technical.ly.