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Airphoton, LLC

Airphoton LLC is an applied physics and technology company providing innovative scientific instrumentation and analysis, initially focused on atmospheric research and monitoring, but expecting to grow beyond this focus. Our first line of products concern measuring particle pollution, which has become a global concern, both for its effect on air quality and health, and also …

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Cellomics Technology, LLC

Cellomics Technology is dedicated to develop innovative tools for genetic engineering somatic and stem cells, and provides professional and licensed services to meet specific custom research needs. Top scientific excellence is the goal and focus of their scientists for both their products and services. Cellomics Technology provides a variety of products and custom services on …

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Safe Equine Technologies Inc. / New Horizon Diagnostics, Inc.

Safe Equine Technologies (“SET”) is partnered with New Horizons Diagnostics, (“NHD”) and is a narrow focus biotechnology company that develops and commercializes diagnostics and therapeutics to safeguard the health of the equine population. Their products are currently in the final stages of development and are based upon two principal technologies – bacteriophage derived lytic enzymes …

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Plant Sensory Systems, LLC

Plant Sensory Systems, LLC (PSS) is an agricultural R&D company that generates proprietary genetic and biochemical solutions to address global market needs. PSS has a solid IP portfolio that includes technologies to increase crop yield, lower production costs, and increase high-value nutrients in plants. The company develops biotechnologies in crops and validates their performance in …

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Gardner Industries, LLC

Gardner Industries LLC specializes in the development of enabling technologies for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Focusing on the bioconversion of recalcitrant insoluble substrates, our products and services accelerate the discovery of novel enzymes and the rate at which industrial microbes can be evaluated.

Kina Mark, LLC

KinaMark is a contract research organization that will provide kinase substrate discovery profiling and biomarker development and validation services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our value proposition is that we can provide insights into the nature or biological processes that are controlled by kinases at a level that is far deeper and more comprehensive than any …

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Synaptic Research, LLC

Synaptic Research LLC is a biotechnology company which conducts research and develops products based on naturally occurring large protein molecules. Specifically, the company engineer proteins derived from toxins which affect the synaptic junction. A well-known example of such a protein is the Botulinum Neurotoxin, or BoNT. This protein has unique qualities of targeting and persistence …

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Tanzen Medical

Tanzen Medical is developing sensors and analytics for characterizing leg movements during sleep. These leg movements can be used to develop an in-home solution for better assessment of quality of sleep and can aid the diagnostics of RLS, Insomnia, PLMSD, Circadian Disorders in Adults, ADHD and Iron Deficiency in children.

Amethyst Technologies, LLC

Amethyst Technologies, LLC has services to offer all entities that manufacture parenterals or pharmaceuticals, perform aseptic filling, manufacture medical devices, treat patients, build laboratories, provide blood bank services, manufacture veterinary medicines, and perform animal testing. Amethyst provides cGMP compliant, custom, creative, and cost effective services (4Cs) for FDA regulated activities to increase its customers’ profitability, …

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Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc.

AthenaES was founded in 1994 as Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. The company specializes in the development and commercialization of advanced biotechnology-based products and markets its products and services through two business units. The Athena Enzymes Systems Group™ provides specialty reagents and proteins for the production and recovery of proteins. The Athena Environmental Sciences Group™ designs, …

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