RidgeBack Network Defense

The Ridgeback security appliance is a self-contained security appliance that monitors network traffic and takes action automatically to mitigate any threats to IT resources. The Ridgeback appliance combines the proprietary technologies of Actor Profiling and Active Camouflage to detect and stop intruders. A Ridgeback appliance can be used as an advanced standalone intrusion prevention system, …

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United World Technologies

United World Technologies is a leading representation and export-assistance consulting firm with offices in Maryland, U.S., Kiev, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia. United World Technologies specializes in expanding the reach of U.S companies in the information technology, healthcare, banking, energy, and telecommunications fields into Russia, Ukraine, other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, and countries around …

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Audittrail Group is a nationally and internationally operating audit and consultancy firm focused on compliance management. With enthusiastic auditors, lawyers and experts, Audittrail provides services and products in the fields of information security, privacy, legal, risk management and business control. Audittrail also provides privacy and security software tooling.


Sciumo specializes in decision support solutions and professional services in the domains of cyber analytics, data science, intelligent systems, and security. We provide software architecture and innovative solutions consulting primarily in the field of defense. We design and develop proprietary, open source and government rights software for large scale analytics, fault analysis, cyber network discovery, …

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