SeeTrue Technology, LLC

Quick Facts

Location: Tech South

Program: Tech South Incubator

Industry: Life Sciences / Bio Technology

Sub-Industry: Medical Therapeutics


The company is focused on developing a line of microcapillary needles targeting improved precision and microinjection outcomes while incorporating ease of use, for the end user. SeeTrue microcapillary needle improves the technical capabilities, reproducibility and effectiveness of an important fundamental microinjection process used in many areas of biomedical sciences. The needle bridges an important need in microinjection technology making this widely-used procedure more reliable and easier to perform. SeeTrue needle solves 3 main deficiencies in the current needle: Visibility – the end user will be able to visualize and locate the needle inside the injected cell. Clogging – dramatically reducing the clogging rate with the SeeTure needle. Calibration variability – unified needles so calibration time and variability are greatly reduced. SeeTrue Technology is one of a select number of start-ups in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), under the George Washington University node, for participation in the I-Corps program which is one of the world’s largest and most successful technology start-up accelerators.

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