Tech South Incubator

Gardner Industries, LLC

Gardner Industries LLC specializes in the development of enabling technologies for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Focusing on the bioconversion of recalcitrant insoluble substrates, our products and services accelerate the discovery of novel enzymes and the rate at which industrial microbes can be evaluated.

Kina Mark, LLC

KinaMark is a contract research organization that will provide kinase substrate discovery profiling and biomarker development and validation services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our value proposition is that we can provide insights into the nature or biological processes that are controlled by kinases at a level that is far deeper and more comprehensive than any …

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Tanzen Medical

Tanzen Medical is developing sensors and analytics for characterizing leg movements during sleep. These leg movements can be used to develop an in-home solution for better assessment of quality of sleep and can aid the diagnostics of RLS, Insomnia, PLMSD, Circadian Disorders in Adults, ADHD and Iron Deficiency in children.

Martek Isotopes, LLC

Martek Isotopes is a manufacturer of stable isotope biochemical from algae. They specialized in labeled carbohydrates, fatty acids, and amino acids. They also serve as consultants for various clients who need help with stable isotope manufacture and or algae culture.

Nostopharma, LLC

Nostopharma develops treatment to prevent pathologic bone growth – a painful complication after traumas and severe burns affecting thousands of patients world-wide. Pathologic bone growth (clinical term is Herotopic Ossification) is an unmet medical need. It is a severe pathology that results in chronic pain and loss of motion. In severe cases joint immobility and …

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ProMechSys-RLP was founded with an intend to provide intelligent automation system solutions. It is first project which is the design of modular microbioreactor was funded by NIIMBL. They are CDA phase with a Tier 1 bio-pharmaceutical company to discuss automation solution options for one of its labs.

SeeTrue Technology, LLC

The company is focused on developing a line of microcapillary needles targeting improved precision and microinjection outcomes while incorporating ease of use, for the end user. SeeTrue microcapillary needle improves the technical capabilities, reproducibility and effectiveness of an important fundamental microinjection process used in many areas of biomedical sciences. The needle bridges an important need …

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Sigt, LLC

Sigt is a medical device company developing a Cardiac Ablation Lesion Monitoring and Assessment System for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, primarily atrial fibrillation. The system will be used by interventional cardiac electrophysiologists for guiding ablative therapies for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

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